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Offering Junk removal and Home clean-out services for Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. Call 845-551-6500.


Looking for a moving company? Don't hire just anyone! Hire the experts who love what they do! We can move anything from small fragile boxes to heavy furniture. If you don’t think it’s possible to have a taste for carrying heavy stuff, then you need to hire us to see for yourself. It’s really quite something to watch.

packing moversDon't have time to pack? Or need help? Call our expert packing crew. We would happily help you pack and move your belongings. Our packers have experience packing items ranging from everyday household goods to Vatican private art collections, works from Andy Warhol and collections belonging to celebrities including Prince, Oprah Winfrey, and Clint Eastwood.

We have specialists with more than thirty years’ experience packing for museums and fine furniture, jewelry, and art dealers. Our clients include Sotheby’s, Steinway and Sons, Tiffany, Ethan Allen, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Our custom packing and packaging services include:
Fine arts packing - Fine finish wrapping for overseas shipping or long-term storage - Partial to full packs - Specialized packing of such items as gilded mirrors, Venetian chandeliers, electronics, collections, models, and heirlooms. Engineering available. Call today at 845-551-6500

Junk Removal

Junk BeeLet’s face it. We tend to acquire more than we need over the years. This becomes especially obvious when we discover just how much “stuff” we’ve got during a move.

But whether moving or not, the day might come when you just can’t stand that mess in the attic anymore; or that disorder in the garage; or that dusty pile-up in the basement; or that junk blocking the door to your shed or barn.

When that happens, it’s time to give BeeLine a buzz. We’ll come in with the manpower and gear to make it Bee Gone, and leave you with a place that’s clean and presentable.


We know what it takes to get a house ready to be staged for resale.

Just because it’s a junk removal job, doesn’t mean it’s all junk. Nor does it mean it isn’t coming out of a well-kept home or carried through groomed yards. Our crew treats estate clean-outs as respectfully as we treat a move, incorporating the same skills, thoughtfulness, and care in the treatment of a person’s belongings and the home they’re coming out of. Call our experts at 845-551-6500

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